036 – Dr Ferhat Ozturk Medicinal Honey

John and Ken welcome Dr. Ferhat Ozturk into the studio for this very special episode. Learn the nuances of honey and how it can be used for medicinal purposes. Tune in now to find out the relation to certain types of honey and hydrogen peroxide; the complexity and depth of darker honey; and how buckwheat honey may have some redeeming qualities.

035 – Spiraling Down the Hole

Despite their best intentions, this episode never stood a chance. The guys talk about bandages, Ken’s ongoing obsession with ordering packages, phallic stings, dropbears, and other animals that shouldn’t exist. Surely there’s bees in there somewhere…?

034 – Honey Sensory with Tara Chapman

Tara Chapman rejoins the guys for a fun talk about her recent experiences at the first US based Honey Sensory training program. Join us to learn some of the nuances that can be attributed to honey tasting, as well as interesting aspects regarding honey crystallization. Plus, Tara and John try to find the humor in recent developments within their respective lives.

033 – Pollinators Docu and Convention Recap

In this episode, John and Ken recap on their recent screening of The Pollinators documentary, and John has just returned from the Texas Beekeepers Convention and shares some of the Highlights. Plus a listener question from Frank in Wales! Tune in now to catch up on the recent events.

032 – Winter Prep for Southern States

In this episode, John and Ken recap a few of the more important aspects of winter prep for people living in the southern states. However, the simplification of this might catch you off guard. The warmer the climate you live in, the less preparations need to be done. You’ll see a big detour from what was covered in the northern states episode.

Halloween – Scary Bee Stories

Join us as the guys tell you some scary bee stories about things that go BUZZ in the night… to fill your Halloween with a little fun and fright.

Bonus – Listener Questions pt6

As John and Ken are alone in the studio attempting to tackle your latest listener questions, some strange occurrences take place in the building! Very distracted, and a bit paranoid, the guys attempt to power through in order to get some answers out to Sue, Tanya, and Ann. Enjoy!

Bonus – Terminology Quiz

Its time for a quick refresher on some of the basic beekeeping terms. Join John as he gives Ken an impromptu terminology quiz.

031 – Robber Bees

Desperate times bring out desperate bees, and the late fall periods do just that! When no other food is naturally available, and winter is fast approaching, all of nature desperately seeks out the last few morsels of food as it could be their saving grace that helps them survive the winter. This can be seen in yellow jacket colonies that are rushing to raise the new queens that will overwinter and start new colonies in the spring… by feasting on your honeybees and other unsuspecting insects. Or, it can be the honeybees themselves robbing out a weaker colony in order to horde all the resources for themselves. Tune in now as John and Ken share stories of these exact scenarios!

Bonus – 2019 TBA Convention Preview

The 2019 Texas Beekeepers Convention is coming up on November 7th, 8th, and 9th. Here is a preview of some of the things you will be able to find at this years convention…