012 – Ken Finally Gets His Bees

The wait is finally over, Ken got his first bees! John and Ken spent the weekend scouting locations and setting up Ken’s first four beehives.Β  Join us as the guys decompress and breakdown the events of Bee Day One on Ken’s journey into beekeeping.

011 – Feeding Your Bees – Spring Edition

Your new bees have just arrived and you want them to grow up big and strong. So, what do you feed them? How much and how often should you feed them? John and Ken talk spring/summer feeding tips, concepts, and advice on this episode of The Hive Jive.

Bonus – Random Clips Pt1

This bonus episode contains random clips from previous releases of The Hive Jive that were originally edited out for time limits during their specific original episodes. Enjoy the randomness!

Bonus – Listener Questions pt 2

Join us for this special Bonus episode of The Hive Jive where the guys make a second attempt at answering YOUR listener questions! This discussion follows many topics such as how to cycle out old comb, feeding bees, varroa mites, and even whether boys can see better than girls. Wait, what…?

010 – Where My Bs At

When getting started in beekeeping, waiting on your first colony to arrive can feel like an eternity. John and Ken talk through the process so that you know what is going on with packages, nucs, and queen bees during this crucial period before your first bees are ready for pickup.

Bonus – Bee Laws

In this Bonus episode of The Hive Jive, John and Ken discuss the importance of being aware of current legislation, doing your own research, and forming your own opinions about current affairs without blindly following what you see on social media.

009 – DONT BEE a Fool

Its April Fools Day and apparently all bets are off when the guys chase Easter bunnies around while trying to address random bee misconceptions on this episode of The Hive Jive! Good luck keeping this one on the right path.

008 – Interview with Les Crowder

On this episode of The Hive Jive, John and Ken interview world renowned natural beekeeper, and author of Top-bar Beekeeping, Les Crowder. Les’ approach to beekeeping is, at times, a spiritural experience. Don’t miss this special extended episode!

Bonus – Swarms

In this episode, John and Ken discuss Honey Bee Swarms! Learn what a swarm is, how to catch a swarm, and how to build your own swarm traps!

007 – First Signs of Spring

On this episode of The Hive Jive, the guys will take a moment to stop and smell the flowers… so to speak. They will discuss which flowers to watch for as spring begins, and what benefits those flowers provide to your bees.