067 – The Bees Choice

In this episode the guys discuss a few listener stories regarding bee stings, as well as some YouTube videos about Honey Bees Choosing what they prefer. Tune in now to catch the buzz!

066 – One Last Hail Mary

In this episode John adds a couple of after-thoughts to the previous honey extracting episode. Also the guys discuss some of the findings from John’s recent visit up to see Ken’s hives and their Hail Mary attempt to salvage what they could.

065 – The First Honey Harvest

This episode has been a year in the making for those of you who have been following alongside the podcast in time with your own beekeeping journey. And, if everything has gone well, and mother nature was kind to you and your bees, hopefully it is time for your first legitimate honey harvest!! Tune in now as John walks us through the concept of the honey harvest and extraction process.

064 – Hives for Heroes

John sits down with Steve Jimenez from Hives for Heroes to discuss the important work that they are doing to help save veteran’s lives, and rescue bees in the process. There are countless heroes out there who come back to a world they don’t often relate to any longer. They struggle to cope with the things they have seen and done and they fall victim to the effects of PTSD. Often these individuals fall through the cracks in our society, and they slip away. This is a sad and unfortunate reality for many veterans and members of the armed forces, and it is a reality that amazing organizations like Hives for Heroes is working tirelessly to correct.

To learn more about Hives for Heroes, please visit their website at:

063 – 21 and 3 dozen 6 years experience

It’s Ken’s Birthday!!! Or, rather, it was his birthday. He is happy to be 21 again, or maybe it was 22. It’s hard to keep track once you are up there that far. But, the addition 3 dozen and 6 years experience sure does help out along the way. (You do the math!) In this episode we catch up on Ken’s swarm traps, talk about BetterComb briefly, and have a sneak peek ahead to a potential honey harvest.

062 – Listener Questions pt 10

Ken curls up for a nice little nap while John tackles another batch of Listener Questions from ya’ll.

061 – Dont Be a Front Porch Beekeeper

Ken learns a hard lesson in what happens when you get lax and just do “Front Porch Beekeeping”… meaning you simply watch the bees from the entrance coming and going, peek in via an observation window, or crack the lid just long enough to say “Yep, there’s bees in there.” Unfortunately that last remark is all you can actually gather from this style of observation, and you don’t really know what might be going on deeper inside the colony. Often this leads to missing key signs that could have possibly helped you prevent the unnecessary crash of a colony.

060 – Interview with Andrew Coté

John sits down with NYC’s premier beekeeper, Mr. Andrew Coté, to discuss what it is like being a 4th generation beekeeper in the Big Apple. The guys cover a wide range of topics including the challenges of rooftop beekeeping, having hives on United Nations soil, and helping beekeepers around the world via Bees Without Borders. Andrew also gives us a sneak peek at what it was like writing his new book “Venom and Honey: Confessions of an Urban Beekeeper.” Tune in now!

059 – Listener Questions pt 9

John tackles another round of listener questions directly from you lovely Hive Jivers. Is your question on the list?

058 – Spring Recap Quiz

It’s time to go back and quickly recap the key points from our spring episodes. Can Ken hold his own, or will he fail this pop quiz?