006 – An Interview with Pamela Yeamans

On this episode of The Hive Jive, the guys will be holding their very first interview, with special guest, Texas Master Beekeeper – Pamela Yeamans. The trio will discuss a variety of topics, including Pamela’s love for creamed honey, honey shows, and what she enjoys most about her bees.

Bonus – Listener Questions Pt 1

Bonus Episode! Join the guys as they tackle your listener questions regarding Honeybees and Beekeeping. Learn why we mark our queens with colored dots, and what each color means. Find out why beekeepers breed queens, and how re-queening a colony change its behavior. Can Topbar hives survive extreme norther winters? Well, tune in to find out!

005 – Choosing Hive Location and Apiary Setup

In this episode of The Hive Jive, the guys will discuss how to choose the best location to setup your Apiary. Finding the right spot to place your beehives can be a stressful process when you start your beekeeping journey. High ground, or low? Sun, or shade? South facing, or east facing? These are just a few of the many factors that will be considered in this segment.

Bonus – The Drone Bee

This is a special BONUS episode of The Hive Jive. Its time we learn about the ultimate college frat house bee, also known as The Drone Bee!

004 – When, Where, and How to get Your Bees

On this episode of The Hive Jive, join the guys as they discuss how to acquire your first honeybees. Do you want a package of bees, or is the nuc a better option for your situation? How hard is it to catch a swarm? Where can you find bees in your area? Tune in to find out!

Bonus -The Worker Bee

This is a special BONUS episode of the Hive Jive. Today’s focused subject is all about the Hard Knock Life of the Worker Bee!

Bonus – The Queen Bee

This is a special BONUS edition of The Hive Jive. Today’s topic will be an in depth look at the life and times of a queen bee. From egg, to swarm, John will take you on a detailed journey of what it means to be the Queen!

003 – Choosing Your Hive Style

On this episode of The Hive Jive, the guys will take a look at the different beehive styles out there. Are you having a hard time trying to decide if you should start your beekeeping journey with a Langstroth hive or a Topbar hive? Don’t fret! You can use these 5 considerations to help make your decision a bit easier.

002 – Wasps Bees and More

In this episode of The Hive Jive, the guys will kick off their beekeeping journey by diving in head first. From common wasps, to a detailed breakdown of a honeybee’s colony structure, and even a comedic look at a drone’s life… prepare to learn more than you might have ever wanted.

001 – Who Are These Guys?

What do you get when you take a Redneck Fishing Guide and pair him up with a Master Beekeeper? Well, we are about to find out! Join our hosts Ken Milam and John Swan as they take you on an adventure in Beekeeping.