018 – Did I Lose My Queen

In this episode of The Hive Jive, John and Ken discuss the mystery of the vanishing queen during the summer dearth. Did you really lose your queen, or can you just not spot her? The guys also address some listener questions that concern other hive issues at the beginning of the Summer Dearth.

017 – The NOT Ten Minute Episode

John and Ken take you on a long and winding road of various beekeeping topics in an episode that is far from just ten minutes long. Just when you think they might wrap it up, the guys make sharp detour while jumping from topic to topic. From using honey for wound care, to brood reduction during a dearth, and even neighborhood beekeeping disasters… you’re bound to find something of interest.

016 – Summer Dearth

The summer dearth is fast approaching; do you know what to do? For that matter, do you know what it means? John and Ken discuss how this time of year might affect your colonies and what you can do to help them out. There might even be some talk of bears… oh my!

Bonus – Listener Questions Pt 3

In what might be the shortest episode to date, John and Ken tackle a couple more listener questions. Does freezing drone brood frames help reduce varroa? Do you have to clean out the cells after, or can the bees? How do we know bees can’t see red? What do they see in its place? Should you own a red bee suit? Tune in to find out!

015 – Baseball Bees

With all the buzz in the news lately over bees interrupting baseball games, Ken and John reach out to Dirk Morgan, savior of the bees during the Cincinnati Reds game. Ken also gives John an update on how the topbar hives are progressing.

014 – Conversations with Larry Weishuhn

In this episode special guest Larry Weishuhn joins Ken and John to discuss how bees are a very important part of wildlife and habitat conservation. Every living thing is connected in some way, and sometimes we just have to stop and take a really close look at how our actions and what we do can impact everything else around us.

013 – Supering vs Nadiring and Splits to Increase

In this episode of The Hive Jive, John and Ken discuss the difference of Supering vs Nadiring when adding new boxes to your hive. They also break down the concept of making splits if you want to increase your colony numbers.

012 – Ken Finally Gets His Bees

The wait is finally over, Ken got his first bees! John and Ken spent the weekend scouting locations and setting up Ken’s first four beehives.  Join us as the guys decompress and breakdown the events of Bee Day One on Ken’s journey into beekeeping.

011 – Feeding Your Bees – Spring Edition

Your new bees have just arrived and you want them to grow up big and strong. So, what do you feed them? How much and how often should you feed them? John and Ken talk spring/summer feeding tips, concepts, and advice on this episode of The Hive Jive.

Bonus – Random Clips Pt1

This bonus episode contains random clips from previous releases of The Hive Jive that were originally edited out for time limits during their specific original episodes. Enjoy the randomness!